Nude Creative’s crystal ball: Another set of 2015 marketing and business predictions

Hold up. It’s the 14th already? The first week of the year has left us shuffling away to the past clutching a coffee mug in a post-NYE stupor. It’s been a slow beginning of the second week, but as everyone in the grown-up work-life world will tell you, the show [NB: work] must go on.

While the Facebook feeds drain their bittersweet ‘The Best of 2014” symphonies and begin to clog with 2015 predictions and self-inventive New Year’s resolutions (keep your scales handy, people), Nude is entering this spanking new annum with its eye on the trends.

At the beginning of each year we read and listened to a whole lot of predictive stuff discount cialis 20mg. The market will do this, China’s economy will do that, Apple will release something else “totally game-changing, totally innovative” (Wow, how on earth did we survive pre-2014 without an oversized, clumsy, tele-communicative clipboard? I mean, the iPhone 6). #sorry #notsorry

Following some research, instead of looking at the enormous picture of what we could expect from 2015 in the technological, political and social realms, we have decided to instead look at a couple of concepts that professionals and businesses can capitalise on for the coming year.

Now drop the coffee mug and get to it; the year is in full swing.

  1. People want things that give them instant skill

The big boom of products that enhance daily output and save daily time hasn’t yet lost its embers. This consumerist flame still flickers in a market of products that allow people to be instantly better at what they do.

Think about it. WordPress made everyone professional website developers. The GoPro made everyone professional adventure travellers. Instagram made everyone professional photographers (or models, depending on the user).

People love products that help them gain skills fast in an area relatively unexplored, develop confidence and expertise in this area quickly, and then prove to everyone how good they are at using it.

So, brainstorm within a product area that benefits people’s skills set, confidence, social status and entertainment, because demand in these products for the coming year ain’t going nowhere but up.

  1. People want things that help save time, and fast

Don’t have time to spare? Literally can’t shake yourself of 4.5 seconds? There’s an app for that.

Apps have exploded. You know this. But in 2015, if your business, company or partnership is venturing into application creation, it is a wise move to consider whether it will include any timesaving benefits.

In 2014, both Starbucks and Taco Bell introduced apps that allow customers to order and even pay prior to arrival to the store. For the latter, you can even enter the drive-thru having ordered, paid and begun salivating (or regretting your dietary decision, either way).

Check-in via smartphone apps has also become available for some of the major hotel chains around the world, including the Watermark Surfers Paradise here on the coast.

When you’re getting down to the drawing board for your app, glue your eyes to the clock for five minutes and internally chant, “Time, time, time, time.” If that sounds stupid, just remember that timesaving functions are now as important as ever.

  1. People love a product that has something green about it

The environment is still making a comeback. Continue to laugh at the Prius if you will, but consumers and businesses are continuously seeking out products and services with a green/eco edge.

And if they are convenient and (surprise-surprise) timesaving as well, then such products will make a big footprint on the consumer market.

Cloudfarm’s Seedsheet is a great example of a product that helps people be better, be green and save time (nailing all three of the above-mentioned trends). It also demonstrates thoughtfulness towards people’s lifestyles and desires, and how to overcome any clash between these. With the Seedsheet, you design your own veggie garden online and they’ll print you a sheet sewn with the seeds you want; now just lie it down and add water. Instant greenie goodness.

On the tech-ier side, other products such as 100% eco-friendly laptop cases, energy saving phone chargers, eco-product guide apps, battery-free enviro-friendly computer mouses and bamboo USB sticks all demonstrate the growing popularity and potential in the market combining tech and tree-hugging.

  1. People want more engaging and personalised marketing

As small businesses continue to expand, and as people, namely the Milleniums, embrace the creative and strategic liberty that comes with entrepreneurship, businesses’ marketing efforts are going to intensify. But consequentially to their growth, these guys are going to seek external marketing assistance.

Marketing agencies: keep your eyes on both domestic and international small to medium sized businesses in a fast-growing market. They’ll have their hands full and will be eager to pass on marketing responsibilities to you.

Digital marketing, unsurprisingly, is going to be big in 2015, but not like it has performed thus far. Consumers want connection, a personal understanding of the product or service prior to purchase.

Videos and interactive media are key to forging relationships with prospective and current customers. Consumers will more likely purchase a product from a site with a catchy video than from a site with nothing. Flashing sidebars are, like, so 2014.

Technical skill in marketing will also prove to be just as important, if not more important in some cases, as the creative brain. Online advertising, re-marketing, social media and website optimisation will be crucial to reaching both young and increasingly tech-savvy older consumers.

There’s plenty more trends to trawl on the Internet if you so desire to know it all. But don’t be surfing the net when there are jobs to be done; remember folks, the work must go on.

2015 is drawing up to be an exciting and innovative year on the horizon. Businesses can begin to staple their creative flags to the marketing mast, whilst also anchoring down on consumers’ eco-interests, hunger for entertainment with a personal twist, and focus improving in all areas tech.

Let’s raise our coffee mugs to the 2015! Now, hurry. Back to work.